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Author: Sol

Mednar and Biznar, vertical search portals created by blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies, have been enjoying some attention in the international blogosphere. In this article I provide a gallery of the references I’ve found to the Deep Web portals and, for your entertainment, I also throw in translations of snippets of the articles, courtesy of Google translation.



Source credit: Blog Directory of Tel Aviv University

Biznar is a search engine - the new field of business. Engine based on the technology-federated search of Deep Web Technologies. Is looking for a number of high-quality sources of business, including sources from the non-visible, and rank the results according to its own algorithm. Sources include blogs, research, business, government news and information. The user can search all the sources or the number of sources to choose between the original proposed. Can I get the sources from each of the proposed source. You can search the entire text of the documents or to restrict your search to the title or author. Also you can restrict your search based on the years.

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[ Editor’s note: Darcy Pedersen, Mednar Product Manager for blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies (DWT), shares her enthusiasm about the latest good press that DWT’s new Mednar medical research portal has received. I welcome stories about good press from any federated search vendor. ]

What’s an alternative search engine, you ask? According to, their motto is: “The most wonderful search engines you’ve never seen.” On, you are not only exposed to eloquent reviews on current and new search engines, you get the low-down on up-and-coming technology in the search world. And guess what just poked its head around the corner?

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The wildly popular ReadWriteWeb blog, with 257,000 RSS subscribers, will be interviewing Deep Web Technologies‘ founder Abe Lederman together with four other panelists about how the Web is changing health care. The interview will be conducted at 3:30pm PST (6:30EST) today for this week’s episode of RRW Live which you can listen to live.

ReadWriteWeb has this to say about Abe:

… President and CEO of Deep Web Technologies. He has helped design several major search engines in health notably and and the new search engine Mednar.

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Paula J. Hane, Information Today, Inc.’s news bureau chief and editor of NewsBreaks, today published a favorable review of Deep Web Technologies’ business portal Biznar. For the sake of full disclosure, Deep Web Technologies sponsors this blog.

Deep Web is creating a number of vertical search portals to assist researchers in specific markets. The portals are free to use and they provide an alert capability that will send users an email when their saved queries identify new documents. Mednar, a medical research portal, is a second Deep Web portal in beta.

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