Paula J. Hane, Information Today, Inc.’s news bureau chief and editor of NewsBreaks, today published a favorable review of Deep Web Technologies’ business portal Biznar. For the sake of full disclosure, Deep Web Technologies sponsors this blog.

Deep Web is creating a number of vertical search portals to assist researchers in specific markets. The portals are free to use and they provide an alert capability that will send users an email when their saved queries identify new documents. Mednar, a medical research portal, is a second Deep Web portal in beta.

Hane’s unsolicited review includes this testimonial:

Expert business research and editor of the free BestBizWeb enewsletter (www.bestbizweb.com), Bob Berkman, likes Biznar, even in its beta state. Here’s what he has to say about it:
“We’ve seen a lot of business search engines that are supposed to do a better job than Google, and they rarely come close. And while we won’t say that Biznar is better than Google, it is certainly better than most business search engines we’ve seen. It’s intelligently designed, with a careful collection of substantive, relevant sources. It’s filled with useful and helpful features, including a semi-advanced search option; the ability to limit results by type of source, individual source, topic, and author; and an easy way to save one’s selections. Biznar is brand new and we’ll see how it evolves, but for now we like the way it conducts fast, timely, near real-time searching of credible business information sources. Consider this site when you want to turn up authoritative, reliable business related information on the free web.”

Read the review, check out Biznar and Mednar, and form your own impression. Deep Web is very interested your feedback.

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