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Mednar and Biznar, vertical search portals created by blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies, have been enjoying some attention in the international blogosphere. In this article I provide a gallery of the references I’ve found to the Deep Web portals and, for your entertainment, I also throw in translations of snippets of the articles, courtesy of Google translation.




Source credit: Blog Directory of Tel Aviv University

Biznar is a search engine - the new field of business. Engine based on the technology-federated search of Deep Web Technologies. Is looking for a number of high-quality sources of business, including sources from the non-visible, and rank the results according to its own algorithm. Sources include blogs, research, business, government news and information. The user can search all the sources or the number of sources to choose between the original proposed. Can I get the sources from each of the proposed source. You can search the entire text of the documents or to restrict your search to the title or author. Also you can restrict your search based on the years.


The translation is the same as for the previous Hebrew article.



Mednar, New Medical Search Engine

We have recently noticed that a lot of library blogs, especially those for medical librarians from the expressed approval of its new medical search engine: mednar. And I decided to look at it up close, and below it to the short characteristic.

Mednar to medical search engine, designed by U.S. firm the Deep Web Technology. This is called. Integrated search engine (called federated search engine), which allows simultaneous searching of different resources. Mednar is a search engine that allows you to search the so-called “hidden Internet”, that is, network resources not available to ordinary search engines.



Medno is a free tool available for the cost of medical research that uses advanced technology to return results of high quality.
Medno federated advanced technology used in the search so that it also uses network technologies profound. And what is that? Aggregates and analyzes content Medno databases deep generally inaccessible to search engines such as government documents and more.


For a specialized search engine no more than go with Medno, as has characteristics that distinguish it and make it only useful for the field of Health Sciences. Doctors, nurses and providers in this field will find it relevant. Not the fastest of all because it is designed so that your search is always “live” and not “previously indexed” mode because Google so you always give the results to date and more will always be updated, but that is why their machine is slow because it uses technology “Federated Search”. The fact is that if you want a more precise tool, and if you play in this area of human knowledge may need to know. I in particular made me not useful, but only you know in your case.

via KillerStartups


ReadWriteWeb recently did a series of 10 lists of products that are number one in the network from different perspectives. Okay interesting. Above all the search engines that have emerged over the past year:

1. ChaCha
2. Coolins
3. Faro
4. KallOut
5. Kosmix
6. Medno
7. Quintura
8. SeeqPod
9. Surf Canyon
10. Taggalaxy.de



Specialized search engines

Speaking of the Internet now is to talk of Search Engines. In fact one of the main activities performed by users on the Internet is to research information or who do not know or simply do not recall at the time: at school to do research, work to get in a quick information about a particular topic, or searches for places to vacation, restaurants, hotels, videos, results of a game, movie and much more. And when it comes to search engines will think immediately to Google.

Medno dedicated to medical research work, based on competent and reliable sources.



Quintura has become an alternative search engine-2008

Quintura second time headed the list of Alternative search engine until version AltSearchEngines.com. Alt Search Engines Editor Charles Knight explained his choice this way:

When you’re looking for using Quintura, you see two-dimensional cloud tags. In other words, the words in the search box allows you to explore the concepts with the key word. Seen in the search field is what did not? Click the box and refocus itself around a new term ».

A list of 10 alternative search engines, also includes projects such as ChaCha, CoolIris, SearchMe, Viewzi, Faroo, KallOut, Kosmix, Mednar, Quintura, SeeqPod, Surfcanyon and Taggalaxy.de.



The aggregation of content or a structured search

In my previous note I worked engine Xclustering aggregation of content. Mednar is another engine that pre-élague into themes and sub-topics search results. Even if the engine is not general (it is medical) some of its peculiarities should be highlighted.

conceptual clustering <-> conceptual aggregation
Organization of objects, events or facts into classes characterized by simple descriptive concepts.


  • Using … federated search technology from Deep Web Technologies, Mednar accelerates your research by returning the most relevant results from across the World Wide Web, including blogs, wikis, mainstream searches and deep web sources to one, easily navigable page.

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    Quite cute and really quite edifying in that it illustrates how information is disseminated worldwide.

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