Three weeks ago I started my experiment to see if Biznar was finding documents related to the phrase “federated search” that Google wasn’t finding. In that experiment I was shocked to find that, of the 21 results Biznar Alerts sent me on March 14th, only 4 of them had ever been presented by Google Alerts.

Last week, two weeks after the initial experiment, I checked the same 21 Biznar results to see if Google did find them, but just later. You can see the 21 results I used for my experiment plus some clarifications of how I did my experiment in the original article.

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I’ve been noticing that my Biznar alerts for the quoted phrase “federated search” were finding me articles that Google Alerts wasn’t finding. I wanted to quantify this experience — i.e. I wanted to know exactly how many results were exclusive to Biznar. So, I performed a simple experiment. I compared my Biznar alert results to my Google alert results. Specifically, I searched my Gmail account for the title of each of the 21 Biznar alert results that I received for “federated search” at 1:11 this morning to see if Google Alerts had ever (not only today) found me an article with the same title. Note that the most recent Google Alert email for “federated search” came at 11:34 this morning, a bit over 9 1/2 hours later than the Biznar alert.

What was shocking to me was that, of the 21 Biznar alerts I got today, only 4 of them were ever presented by Google Alerts. At the end of this article are the titles (with links), authors, and snippets of the 21 Biznar alerts.

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Foreign federated fun

Author: Sol

Mednar and Biznar, vertical search portals created by blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies, have been enjoying some attention in the international blogosphere. In this article I provide a gallery of the references I’ve found to the Deep Web portals and, for your entertainment, I also throw in translations of snippets of the articles, courtesy of Google translation.




Source credit: Blog Directory of Tel Aviv University

Biznar is a search engine - the new field of business. Engine based on the technology-federated search of Deep Web Technologies. Is looking for a number of high-quality sources of business, including sources from the non-visible, and rank the results according to its own algorithm. Sources include blogs, research, business, government news and information. The user can search all the sources or the number of sources to choose between the original proposed. Can I get the sources from each of the proposed source. You can search the entire text of the documents or to restrict your search to the title or author. Also you can restrict your search based on the years.

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