The wildly popular ReadWriteWeb blog, with 257,000 RSS subscribers, will be interviewing Deep Web Technologies‘ founder Abe Lederman together with four other panelists about how the Web is changing health care. The interview will be conducted at 3:30pm PST (6:30EST) today for this week’s episode of RRW Live which you can listen to live.

ReadWriteWeb has this to say about Abe:

… President and CEO of Deep Web Technologies. He has helped design several major search engines in health notably science.gov and worldwidescience.org and the new search engine Mednar.

ReadWriteWeb is the 12th most popular blog according to Technorati, the recognized authority on blogs. ReadWriteWeb has amassed links from 8,272 unique blogs in the past six months. That means that some 45 different blogs link to it every day.

ReadWriteWeb describes themselves in their Technorati profile:

ReadWriteWeb is a popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis. It is the lead blog in the ReadWriteWeb Network, a growing network of blogs about web technology.

Today’s interview is a continuation of ReadWriteWeb’s ongoing coverage of “Health 2.0.”

My recent article, Science Portals: It’s about diversity and hope, explains why health- and science-related portals that access deep web content are so important; namely, they provide a diverse set of viewpoints in the form of high-quality vetted content that isn’t available from Google. Beyond Mednar, Deep Web Technologies has other authoritative health portals in the works.

RWW Live host Sean Ammirati is asking for questions:

Before the show starts, we’re interested in what questions you have for the panelists. Please leave a comment on this post and one of the RWW crew on the call (Sean, Marshall and Richard) will do our best to ask your question.

I hope you’ll post your questions and tune into the broadcast. The conversation about Health 2.0 is an important one.

Update: The recording of the interview is here. Look for the audio links at the bottom of the article.

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One Response to "Abe Lederman to be interviewed for major health 2.0 podcast"

  1. 1 Hope Leman
    November 26th, 2008 at 8:35 am  

    I am listening to the podcast at this very moment-thanks for the tip. Interesting mix of guests-Abe is a great speaker.

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