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In the past few days a number of noteworthy happenings have hit my radar. Here are three:

ScienceResearch.com debuts as the most comprehensive Deep Web science search engine

Blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies announced the official launch of ScienceResearch.com. The science research portal itself is not new. What’s new is that it now searches over 400 sources in real-time. It runs inside an Amazon Cloud to quickly address changes in demand. Amazon’s Web Services Blog reported on the launch. Paula Hane at Information Today also covered the relaunch in a good amount of detail. All of this press coincides with Deep Web Technologies’ founder Abe Lederman’s presentation today at SLA: Journey to 10,000 sources. ScienceResearch.com is a key accomplishment on the road to searching 10,000 sources at once.

Scitopia.org adds new content partners

Scitopia.org is a federated search application, powered by search technology from Deep Web Technologies. The portal was created by leading scientific and engineering societies. Today they announced that three societies had joined. Scitopia boasts access to “over 3.5 million documents, plus patent and government data.” Content is from “twenty one societies spanning 350 years of sci-tech scholarship.”

OSTI web-site sports a new look and releases two new videos

One of my clients, the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), recently updated their web-site. I really like the modern look and the move to highlight RSS, their blog, alerts, and other user-friendly features. SLA’s Government Information Division Blog briefly covered the new look. OSTI, a pioneer in bringing federated search to the Federal government, is wholeheartedly embracing Web 2.0. On a somewhat related note, I recently reported on two videos that OSTI had released on their new YouTube channel. OSTI now has posted two more videos; these are with OSTI’s Director, Dr. Walt Warnick. They’re short and fun:

I bet you didn’t know this about searching!

The thrill of working for OSTI

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