The SLA 2009 Annual Conference is fast approaching. Blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies will have a booth at the conference. If you’re going to be attending they’d welcome your visit. Abe Lederman, founder and President of Deep Web Technologies, will be a presenter. His talk and contributed paper are titled “Science Research: Journey to Ten Thousand Sources.” The talk will be on Monday (June 15) from 3:30 to 5:00 as part of the “Adapt, Leverage and Communicate (Part I)” contributed paper session.

The paper and talk consider what it will take to build federated search engines that simultaneously search, first one thousand, and eventually many thousands of sources. Here is the first paragraph from the paper’s abstract:

The future of scientific research depends on sifting through more information, more quickly, and more effectively. For a researcher to expect to be able to search 1,000 databases simultaneously for critical information is not unreasonable. While parallel search is the domain of federated search, the current paradigm has severe limitations. The limitations, which include speed, relevance ranking, and selecting the appropriate sources, become painfully obvious when one attempts to search more than a few dozen sources simultaneously. A paradigm is needed for scalability to not only overcome the limitations but also help us assimilate important information.

Check out all the contributed paper abstracts and come to Abe’s talk. And, visit the exhibitors, which include a few federated search vendors.

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