A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Carmichael’s journey to deploying federated search for Creighton University, specifically WebFeat. I figured that readers would want to know some more details so I raised six questions:

  1. How did you decide which sources to add to your WebFeat implementation?

  2. How easy has it been to configure your WebFeat implementation?

  3. How much customization were you able to do to the look-and-feel of your application?

  4. What do Creighton students, faculty and library think about your new federated search? What feedback are you getting?

  5. What has your experience been with WebFeat re the availability of translators (connectors) to the sources you selected?

  6. What effort has it taken for your library staff to get content providers to allow your subscription sources to be federated?

Carmichael accepted the challenge and she responded in detail to all of the questions:

I appreciate that Carmichael is willing to discuss a vendor experience in detail because that level of disclosure is rare. I expect that you’ll appreciate her responses as well. Perhaps she’ll answer your questions as well if you leave comments on one of her blog articles.

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