Carmichael does something in her blog that I’d like to see more of — she shares her federated search journey. Over the past year, but especially in recent weeks, Carmichael has written about her experiences exploring federated search. Posts on the subject include:

Carmichael, I’m curious to know more about your experience so I have a few questions for you. Consider yourself meme’d!

  1. How did you decide which sources to add to your WebFeat implementation?

  2. How easy has it been to configure your WebFeat implementation?

  3. How much customization were you able to do to the look-and-feel of your application?

  4. What do Creighton students, faculty and library think about your new federated search? What feedback are you getting?

  5. What has your experience been with WebFeat re the availability of translators (connectors) to the sources you selected?

  6. What effort has it taken for your library staff to get content providers to allow your subscription sources to be federated?

Those of you pursuing federated search for your organization may want to read some of my articles on the subject:

You may also want to join the LinkedIn federated search discussion group and discuss your requirements, questions and experiences privately or publicly with 123 other people.

For an education on a number of the basics of federated search, see my primer or any of my basics articles.

If you know of someone else who is chronicling their federated search journey please let me know; I’d like to bring attention to such an effort.

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2 Responses so far to "Carmichael’s federated search journey"

  1. 1 Carmichael’s Connundrums » Blog Archive » Federated Search Journey (some answers for Sol)
    January 23rd, 2009 at 4:42 pm  

    [...] Federated Search Blog was kind enough to pose some questions to me about specific aspects of our “search for federated search.”   So, to keep the conversation going, I will answer some of them [...]

  2. 2 Carmichael’s Connundrums » Blog Archive » Last couple of answers for Sol (and a sip of MERLOT)
    February 5th, 2009 at 11:04 am  

    [...] Well, I’ve added a few more databases into my list of options for federating. So far, all have had available connectors. In some cases, there are even multiple connectors because the same database content may be offered by multiple vendors. Thus begins my answer to Sol’s question #5 from the Federated Search Blog [...]

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