In an effort to help customers to clarify their needs when considering federated search products and services, I’ve produced a list of over 100 questions to consider when you talk to vendors.

     100 Federated Search Requirements Questions To Ask Vendors

I’ve purposely published the document in Word format, rather than as a PDF file, so that you can edit the list, and copy and paste from the list, to meet your needs.

The checklist is categorized and includes questions pertinent to self-hosted or vendor-hosted. I will be soliciting input from a number of vendors to fill in any gaps in question or topic coverage.

Here are some points to consider when using the list:

  • The list is by no means comprehensive; it is a living document which will improve with your feedback.
  • No single vendor can respond affirmatively to all questions so please don’t use this list to convince yourself that no vendor can provide you with a satisfactory solution.
  • A good use of the list is to help you identify what is important given your situation.
  • The list may jog your memory and prompt more questions.
  • Not all questions will apply to your situation. Feel free to delete questions that don’t apply to you, to rearrange items and categories, and to do what it takes to make the list work for you.
  • I’ve divided questions into categories. This is a difficult and ambiguous task. You may disagree with the placement of some questions.

I welcome your input. Please send me your suggestions for new questions or for clarification of existing questions.

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