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In June of this year, Barclay Hill of Intel delivered a presentation to the Special Libraries Association (SLA) at its Annual Conference about Intel’s experience bringing federatedInformation Outlook: Sept. 2007 search to their corporate library. Hill is manager of the Web and Systems Group at the Intel Library at Intel Corporation. Associated with the presentation is an article, “Federated Search at the Intel Library.” A revised version of the article was published in the September 2007 edition of Information Outlook, SLA’s monthly magazine. SLA has given permission for Deep Web Technologies, whose federated search technology was selected by Intel and who is referenced in the article, to post the article on Deep Web Tech’s web-site. Please follow this link to the article.

Hill’s article is a case study in bringing federated search to Intel from requirements through implementation. The article should be of interest to anyone exploring a federated search solution for a corporate environment as this topic is not widely covered in the literature, especially discussion of a large-scale deployment within a multinational corporation. We welcome hearing of your experiences with federated search in the corporation, or elsewhere, through comments in this blog, through guest posts, and through references to relevant articles.

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