I recently got this question:

I’m new to federated search. You’ve written lots of articles (too many) about the subject. Can you give me a half dozen articles to read that would get me oriented? Oh, and if you would tell me what order to read them in that would be great too!

I took this request to heart and came up with my ordered list of basic articles. The list has 15 articles. Yes, the request was for six. My only defense is that many of the articles are a quick read and, since my list is in order, you can read just the first six and you’ll know a lot more than when you started.

I organize my list into three sections: federated search/deep web, discovery services, and federated search in the enterprise. I think everyone new to federated search needs to have an awareness of all three areas.

Here’s my list:

Federated Search and the Deep Web

Discovery Services

Federated Search in the Enterprise

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