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Deep Web Tech in the News: Image Search

One small step for Science.gov, one giant leap for Federated Search.

“Science.gov is a gateway to more than 42 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information with just one query, and is a gateway to more than 2,000 scientific websites from 18 organizations within 14 federal science agencies. These agencies represent 97% of the federal R&D budget. Science.gov is the USA.gov portal to science and the U.S. contribution to WorldWideScience.org. Science.gov is hosted by the Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information, within the Office of Science, and is supported by CENDI, an interagency working group of senior scientific and technical information managers.”

Science.gov received a pretty large upgrade in December, the image search is located under “special collections” and works just like science.gov except the results have thumbnails (www.science.gov/scigovimage/). The search query now quickly pulls back related images from multiple sources into a thumbnail size result. This is one of very few publicly available science image search portals. Cheryl LaGuardia, an industry critic, wrote:

For a free service this works mighty well: my test search for “tornedo” got the reply, “Did you mean “tornado”? with 151 results for the corrected spelling (a test, mind you, or perhaps I’m easing back into work slowly and may have inadvertently misspelled… no matter! The system works!). The resultant images are terrific, compelling enough to send Dorothy pedaling madly down the road away from them on her bicycle, with Toto in tow.

Deep Web Technologies powers the entire website, and we look forward to using this innovation on other projects in the future.

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