Andrew Pace, Executive Director for Networked Library Services at OCLC, penned this very catchy jingle for your Christmas singing pleasure:

My server got run over by a cloud app
Quicken, Word, and CRMs all grieve
I’m lovin’ Google, Mint-dot-com, and Salesforce
Like Zuckerberg and cnet, I believe

It’s like software as a service
It’s second nature to the kids
Any metaphor will work here
Clouds, architecture, rent, or power grids

I read ebooks on my handheld
And I can bank while in the loo
All my data’s on the network
At home, at work, in church, or Timbuktu

Click here for the whole song.

And, if you can’t get enough of the catchy jingle check out this iPhone app.

Hat tip to Roy Tennant.

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