WebSearch University’s Fall conference has some workshops (September 26) and talks (September 27 and 28) that readers of this blog might appreciate:

Delving Into Deep Web Business Resources

Marydee Ojala, ONLINE Magazine

Anyone approaching business research today needs to understand the wealth of information available on the deep, invisible web. To effectively and efficiently find data on companies, industries, markets, and management, you should consult specialized as well as general search engines; exploit social media resources; choose to search directories, groups, portals, images, blogs, feeds, wikis, and statistical files; consider fee-based tools; and concentrate on effectively conceptualizing. This seminar, taught by an experienced business searcher, will concentrate on resources but will also include practical techniques for using these resources.

Government Tools & Sites

Laura Gordon-Murnane, Library, BNA

It’s no secret that the U.S. government is a prolific publisher. With a new administration comes a new attitude toward information transparency and disclosure that affects not only federal government information, but also filters down to the state and local levels. The implications for searchers are vast. If you ever thought government data was boring, dull, or lackluster, this session will open your eyes to exciting opportunities of maximizing the value of government information.

Social Networking and Real-Time Research

Marydee Ojala, ONLINE Magazine

Use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has skyrocketed in the past year. As a global phenomenon, millions of people use social media to generate content, share ideas, and keep in touch with family, friends, work colleagues, companies, associations, and causes. They can be a source and tool for research. Marydee Ojala will address the where, when, and how aspects of social networking research, including authenticity, trust, and information overload, along with some real-world caveats.

Semantic Search Engines

Tamas Doszkocs, Specialized Information Services Division, National Library of Medicine

New generations of search engines are not just on the horizon, they’re here. Semantic search engines go far beyond keywords, using a variety of signals and
behavioral analysis to understand the intent of your search. This presentation, by a noted computer scientist at the National Library of Medicine, will demonstrate
the basics of semantic search as they apply to an innovative federated search solution. Semantic searching is utilized at every step of the process, including automatic query enhancement, semantic search result clustering, and information mashups.

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