I enjoyed this article in the “federated-search-is-not-dead” department. The article, Is ECM Going The Way Of The Dodo? Or Maybe The Way Of The Intranet?, ponders the future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. The article’s author, Sean Nicholson, cites a prediction:

1) Enterprise Content Management and Document Management will go their separate ways
ECM as a marketing and technical concept has great validity. But the idea of having a single overarching platform to manage all sources of content management only works well in those enterprises that follow a unified and services-oriented architectural approach to IT.

Nicholson argues that obstacles such as needing to pick a single vendor or comprehensive service-oriented architecture will drive many organizations away from an ECM solution. This bodes well for federated search systems that can dig into multiple databases and information systems and bring back relevant information. Nicholson further predicts that “federated search will become crucial to organizations that choose not to implement a structured ECM architecture.” And, he raises the question we should all be pondering:

Will better federated search technologies negate the need for a central repository?

I hope so.

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