Blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies built a federated search tool for Stanford University. I was involved with the first prototype and I’m proud of what the Stanford/Deep Web Technologies partnership has accomplished. Stanford’s Grace Baysinger - head librarian and bibliographer for the Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - provides a nice overview of the search tool in the “Speaking of Computers” newsletter. And, Deep Web Technologies’ account manager, Debbie Taylor, shares a little bit of her involvement with the project as well on the Deep Web Technologies Blog.

My involvement with the Stanford federated search tool was multi-faceted. I worked with Stanford to understand their requirements. I also worked with Deep Web Technologies’ connector team to build the source interfaces Stanford wanted. I even used my limited web design skills to create the HTML that was used in the very first prototype. There were many conversations and many details that were worked out during a number of phone conversations. When I left my full time position of engineer and manager at Deep Web Technologies I lost touch with the folks at Stanford who led the way in introducing federated search to their university. I hear that they’re very happy with their search tool. I’m proud to have had a role in the building of that tool.

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