The commercial investing and personal finance web-site, The Motley Fool, published a brief article about the deep Web. No, the article does not dive very deep in its assessment of the deep Web. It’s a very cursory introduction. But, it’s great to see such coverage at all in such a well respected investment site.

The article tells two ways that investors can make money from the deep Web: buy stock in companies that mine deep Web data, and use the deep Web in your investment research.

I strongly agree with this paragraph:

If you have a keen interest in [the deep Web], it is also possible to invest in technology that is going to indirectly help open up this ‘invisible web’. Let me cite one area that I think holds promise. I reckon analytics programs that can successfully measure the response of ad campaigns to the deep web community or successfully trace browsing habits in these areas will make their owners/investors a lot of money.

Yes, I believe sentiment mining is in its infancy and will only grow in its importance to marketers. If you have a few minutes you might enjoy the article.

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