Here’s a nice video interview. John Meyer of Silicon Prairie News interviews Will Bushee, VP of Development of BrightPlanet. I also found a link to a recent text interview with Mr. Bushee by Stephen Arnold.

BrightPlanet is a Deep Web search company. They’re best known for the seminal work that federated search luminary and BrightPlanet co-founder Michael Bergman did in sizing the Deep Web. The video provides an understandable introduction to the Deep Web plus discusses, at a very high level, what BrightPlanet does.

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One Response to "Silicon Prairie News video interview with BrightPlanet VP of Development"

  1. 1 Danny Schreiber
    November 17th, 2009 at 1:15 am  

    Thanks for posting the interview -it was great learning about BrightPlanet. We’re fortunate to have John Meyer as a contributor in Sioux Falls to capture stories like yours.

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