Abe (founder of Deep Web Technologies and sponsor of this blog) and I have been talking about the contest Deep Web Technologies is sponsoring. We want it to appeal to more people, not just to people who are good at writing essays, although we appreciate good essays. So, we’re going to encourage submissions in a variety of media. If you’re video-oriented or you’re a graphic designer, or you make awesome collages, or you’re another kind of artist, we want you to submit an entry for the contest.

The sky’s the limit on the form of your submission but you do need to address the contest theme:

Tell us about the most impressive federated search application you’ve ever seen, or about one you’ve dreamed up. How innovative can federated search be? What unique problems can it solve?

Contest entries will be judged on creativity, originality, vision and relevance to the theme.

We’re doubling the cash prizes this year. Last year we gave $500, $250, and $100 to the top three winners. This year we’re giving $1000, $500, and $250 to the judge’s top picks. (Yes, the third place prize is more than doubled from last year.)

If you’re one of the first ten people to submit an entry we deem to be a serious entry then we’ll send you a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate (or $25 via PayPal if you’re outside the U.S.)

Continuing with the tradition of showering the top winner with attention, Computers in Libraries will have the winner participate on a panel in their conference next April and they will feature one or more of the winners in Computers in Libraries Magazine. Deep Web Technologies will pick up the travel and lodging expenses.

Contest winners and their entries will be featured in the Federated Search and Deep Web Technologies blogs. We may also feature other submissions. If your entry is featured and yours is not one of the top three entries selected by the judges then we’ll give you a $100 prize.

Entries are due no later than Tuesday December 15. The top three winners will be announced sometime in January.

Contest rules

  1. Contest entries will be judged on creativity, originality, vision and relevance to the theme.
  2. All entries must be original work.
  3. Entries shall not include any that have been previously commercially published. Simultaneous submissions to commercial publishers or other contests are not allowed.
  4. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts in the federated search industry.
  5. Judges will not be biased by being told whose entries they are reviewing.
  6. The decisions of the judges are final.
  7. Those submitting winning entries agree to have their entries written about in the Federated Search and Deep Web Technologies blogs.
  8. The top three winners agree to have an article about their work featured in Computers In Libraries Magazine.
  9. The first prize winner agrees to participate in a panel discussion at Computers In Libraries Conference in April 2010. Deep Web Technologies will pay travel and lodging expenses.


  1. Everyone is eligible to enter except individuals judging the entries, their immediate families, and employees of Deep Web Technologies and their immediate families.
  2. No entry fee is required.
  3. By entering, all entrants expressly agree to be bound by all the terms of the Contest Rules.

Time frame for contest

  1. All entries must be received before 12:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time on December 16, 2009.
  2. Winners will be announced sometime in January 2010.

Submitting your entry

  1. If your entry can be submitted via email please send it to sol dot lederman at gmail dot com. Otherwise, please contact me to arrange submission.
  2. Entries will be acknowledged by email.
  3. Entrants must provide name, email, mailing address, phone number and title for their submission.


This contest is void where prohibited by law. Any taxes due on contest winnings, levied by any taxing agency or jurisdiction are the sole responsibility of the prize winners.

We look forward to your submission!

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