Blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies has just published a whitepaper, “Next-Generation” Federated Search: Critical for Intellectual Property Research.

The whitepaper explains why “Next-generation federated search technologies are quickly becoming an essential and indispensable tool for attorneys, paralegals, expert witnesses, and owners of IP to create, protect, monitor and litigate their intellectual property portfolios.”

Larry Donahue, Deep Web Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Counsel, authored the whitepaper. Mr. Donahue is licensed to practice law in New Mexico and Illinois and is a registered patent attorney thus he very well understands the information needs of the legal profession.

Intellectual property litigation is but one field of law in which missing important documentation in preparing a case can be a very costly mistake in court to say nothing of the loss in credibility. The right federated search solution, configured to search all the relevant sources, can serve to sufficiently widen the net to avoid missing critical information while keeping the legal staff out of overwhelm.

At just two pages, the paper is a quick yet impactful read. And, of course, there are many industries outside of law in which the cost of missing information is high.

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