For those of you who enjoy Carl Grant’s popular articles on this blog you may be interested to know that Carl has been blogging at CARE Affiliates for some time. Last July, Carl returned to Ex Libris. It took a while but Carl is now continuing his blogging at the Ex Libris corporate site.

Carl never shies away from telling us what he thinks even when what he has to say is not pleasant to hear. His newest blog article is “Libraries; A Silence That Is Deafening” and begins as follows:

During the last election campaign in the United States, there was a bumper sticker that spoke to what was happening in this country: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” Fellow librarians, are we paying attention?

Here’s a list of articles Carl has written for this blog:

Carl — Congrats on your new blog. Good move on Ex Libris’ part getting you going there. Do keep writing here as well. Your articles are always very popular.

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