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Author: Sol

A couple of (unrelated) items for today.

1. I’ve been invited to lead a panel at the Enterprise Search Summit West conference in San Jose in November. I’m pretty excited since I’ve not been to conferences in a couple of years. Leading this panel will be interesting because the topic will be related to federated search in the enterprise and I know that not everyone agrees on what enterprise search is, on whether federated search fits in the enterprise, and on how necessary federated search is in the enterprise or anywhere else for that matter.

I’ve put a call out on the LinkedIn Federated Search and Enterprise Search groups looking for panelists who know both worlds. I’ve gotten a few replies and I’d like to receive some more. The exact topic has yet to be determined; ideally there will be sufficient diversity among those responding to put together a panel to share differing viewpoints and to also help shape the topic before we “go live.” This is not going to be a “federated search will save the world” panel by any means.

If you’re interested in being considered for the panel or know of someone I should be considering, please drop me a line (or have them drop me a line) in the next week via my email address in the About page.

2. A while back I experimented a little bit with posting links to interesting federated search articles on LinkedIn, in the discussion area for the group. I quickly discovered that that was way too much work. A week ago I started posting links on twitter. That is proving to be a whole lot easier. It doesn’t take me much effort at all to tweet since I’m poring through numerous Google and Biznar alert emails anyway looking for stuff to write about. So, when I find a good link, rather than save it in a file somewhere I just tweet it now. I’ve tweeted 25 links so far and I tend to find at least one or two every business day that are twitter-worthy. It’s lonely in the twittersphere so, come follow me on the federated search blog twitter account, fedsearchblog. Oh, and there’s a widget on the right sidebar of this blog that shows the last five tweets.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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