Remember technicopia?

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Here’s a trivia question for you. What is “technicopia?” When did I write about it in the blog?

Give up? Technicopia is WebFeat founder Todd Miller’s new company. I asked Todd about it when I interviewed him for my federated search luminary series:

15. Your LinkedIn profile lists you as investor and entrepreneur. What kinds of ventures are you currently investing in?

  • At the moment, I’m only involved in my own new company, Technicopia. I’m also looking at opportunities in a variety of software technologies as well as next-generation battery technology.

16. I noticed the reference to Technicopia (another catchy name) in your LinkedIn profile. Google doesn’t find much about it and I notice that technicopia.com is parked. What can you tell me about this new venture?

  • Not much yet, I’m afraid — I’m in the early stages of getting this baby off the ground.

This morning there are 514 Google results for “Technicopia.” When I first asked about Technicopia there were only a small handful of results and no one was giving anything away.

I learned about Gwabbit, Technicopia’s product, in this press release:

PALM DESERT, CA-(Marketwire - March 4, 2009) - DEMO 2009 — Technicopia, LLC today announced it was awarded the DEMOgod award for its presentation of gwabbit, the world’s first automatic Email Contact Manager (ECM) that allows users to identify and transfer all contact information from an email, including signature files, into the user’s Microsoft Outlook address book with a single click. This speedy solution saves hundreds of hours per year for busy executives, salespeople, marketers and others who must track hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts to more efficiently utilize communication techniques and expand business networking. …

Note that technicopia.com is owned by Todd Miller but the page is “under construction.”

Well, there you have it, news about WebFeat’s founder. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur!

[ Update: 3/6/09. Note Todd Miller's comment to this post: ]

One correction — we can be found at www.gwabbit.com, not technicopia.com. You’ll also find many more hits if you google “gwabbit” instead of “technicopia”. Thanks — TM

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  1. 1 Todd Miller
    March 6th, 2009 at 2:12 pm  

    One correction — we can be found at http://www.gwabbit.com, not technicopia.com. You’ll also find many more hits if you google “gwabbit” instead of “technicopia”. Thanks — TM

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