In the spirit of the holidays I’m compelled to write about a new iPhone federated search application for wine lovers. Drync-wine is a very novel application of federated search and a great idea for a phone app. It’s also a great combining of federated search and community. The $4.99 app, created by Drync, allows users to search for wines based on label information, to get details, reviews, and pricing info, to save info in their virtual cellars, and to share their wine experiences with others.

Here’s a piece of the announcement of Drync-Wine, titled “Drync Releases Drync-Wine a Mobile “Lifestyle” Solution for the iPhone.” (The emphasis of some of the text is mine.)

Premier provider of mobile “lifestyle”" solutions, Drync, LLC today announced the release of Drync-Wine, simplifying the way people research, remember, share, and purchase wine using their mobile device. Built initially for the iPhone, Drync-Wine is the only mobile wine application that scours multiple databases of nearly a million wine listings in real time to identify the exact wine a user is drinking. Perfect for the wine novice and connoisseur alike, Drync-Wine delivers expert reviews, ratings, descriptions, and pricing. Users may snap a photo of the label, save the wine to their own virtual wine cellar, add their own tasting notes, and even purchase the wine all from their mobile phone.

Targeting the $330B wine market and the over 70M tech savvy “Millenials” the fastest growing segment of the wine industry, Drync’s first product is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing mobile phone application market. Superior user interface and federated search technology, along with community features such as recommendations and geotagging differentiate Drync in the marketplace.

Note that the announcement actually correctly uses the term “federated search.” Whoever wrote the announcement gets that federated search is about searching multiple databases in real-time. Wow!

Have you discovered a more interesting federated search phone app? Do let us all know about it.

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