How was 2008 an important year for the federated search industry? How will the world-wide economic crisis influence vendors and customers in 2009? Last year Abe reviewed happenings of 2007 and he’ll be making his assessment again in the next week or so. This year, he’d like your input, your questions, your ideas for what the most noteworthy events were. And, this year, Abe will try to predict what 2009 will bring. Help Abe by contributing your ideas.

Here are a few 2008 events to get you thinking:

  1. ProQuest acquires WebFeat. Covered here and here.
  2. OCLC launched a federated search product, ZPORTAL.
  3. Microsoft Windows 7 includes federated search features.

If you’d like to publish your own year-in-review or prediction article, contact me and let’s discuss publishing it in this blog.

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