Alissa Miller has produced an impressive list of deep web-related resources for the Online College Blog. I’m particularly impressed at how much time Alissa must have spent researching resources for the list.

The list is divided into nine sections:

  1. Meta-Search Engines
  2. Semantic Search Tools and Databases
  3. General Search Engines and Databases
  4. Academic Search Engines and Databases
  5. Scientific Search Engines and Databases
  6. Custom Search Engines
  7. Collaborative Information and Databases
  8. Tips and Strategies
  9. Helpful Articles and Resources for Deep Searching

I’ve heard of many of the resources, but many were also new to me.

Given my interest in scientific search engines, I was delighted to see ten of them on Alissa’s list.

The “Tips and Strategies” section is helpful to young researchers just getting into search. In that section there are also a few links to helpful sites, e.g. Internet search guides, and government databases.

The “Helpful Articles and Resources for Deep Searching” section lists ten high quality deep web resources. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to get a foundation in what the deep web is all about check out the sites in this section.

Nice job, Alissa. I like your guide. You did, however, omit one useful resource, this blog!

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