Although I do much less programming than I once did, I can still relate to the thrill of writing code to solve a fun and challenging problem. Matt, a software developer and graduate student in computer science, is tackling a very difficult problem; he’s going to write software to “crawl” content that lives behind search forms. And, he’s blogging about it. The first installment of his journey is in his Try-Catch-FAIL blog.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what it takes to automatically find content behind a search form, Matt identifies some of the hurdles:

  • No two search engines are the same.
  • There are no standards for coding of web forms.
  • Client-side scripting. This is mainly AJAX.
  • SSL

To Matt’s list I add a few more challenges:

  • Cookies - setting them and reading them
  • Knowing which form parameters to submit and how to set them. Don’t forget the hidden ones
  • Knowing what query terms to use for automatic searching
  • Parsing of search results - breaking results up into fields and determining which those fields are (e.g. title, author, …)

To learn more about the challenges of automatically searching the deep web, I recommend some of my previous articles:

Matt is implementing an automated browser based on Internet Explorer to get around the AJAX issues. I think Matt’s got exciting and difficult challenges ahead of him. I look forward to watching his progress.

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