Knowledgespeak, an online service dedicated to the STM (science, technology, and medical) publishing industry, recently conducted an interview with MuseGlobal President Kristina Bivins. This interview is a nice complement to the luminary series interview I conducted with MuseGlobal co-founder Kate Noerr.

The interview covers a number of subjects:

  1. A number of components of MuseGlobal’s plug and play content integration technology

  2. Two new products MuseGlobal released this year: News Hound and Blog Hound

  3. Partnership with Adhere Solutions to extend functionality of Google’s Search Appliance to include federated search and more

  4. The Muse Content Machine

  5. Biggest challenges for publishers and how MuseGlobal is positioned to meet the challenges

  6. Growth of the company

Readers of this blog may also enjoy a number of the Knowledgespeaks interviews; many are with publishers who provide content that is federated.

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