We’re six and a half weeks away from the October 31 deadline for the federated search writing contest. From the questions I’ve received, I know there’s interest in the contest. I’d like to see a bunch of early submissions so I’m going to try to entice those of you who are on the fence about submitting, or putting it off until the last minute, to start writing.

Blog and contest sponsor Deep Web Technologies will give a $25.00 Amazon.com gift certificate to those of you whose submissions are among the first ten. If you’re outside of the U.S. they’ll send you $25.00 via PayPal. If you’ve already sent me a submission I’ll email you to arrange sending your “early bird” gift. To be eligible for the $25.00 you must submit a serious entry and follow all the rules of the contest in the announcement post.

I know there are visionaries out there. The noted industry experts serving as contest judges look forward to your essays.

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