Today, Library Journal put out a special section, “netConnect,” that includes four pretty meaty articles focused on federated search.

Josh Hadro, Associate Editor, LJ netConnect/Technology wrote the introduction to the edition.

I’ve not had time to read and absorb the articles but I wanted you to know about them.

Here are links to the four articles:

Contemplating federated search. Melissa L. Rethlefsen reminds us that there are no one-stop solutions for quality research.

Federated Search 101, by Alexis Linoski and Tine Walczyk, gives a nuts-and-bolts overview of exactly what to look for when considering a federated search tool.

Free Your Search with Open Source. Karen Coombs describes the University of Houston’s transition to LibraryFind, an open source federated search tool.

Building Bearcat. Go behind the scenes of a federated search implementation with Baruch’s Lisa A. Ellis, Joseph Hartnett, and Michael Waldman.

A tip of the hat goes to Carl Grant for giving me a heads up regarding netConnect before it otherwise hit my radar.

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