Search pundit Stephen Arnold started a series in February, Search Wizards Speak, in which he interviews people who, in Arnold’s words, “have made significant contributions to information retrieval.” Eighteen people, thus far, have made Arnold’s list. Abe Lederman is one of them. Abe is founder of Deep Web Technologies; his company sponsors this blog.

While the list is pretty light on federated search wizards, Raul Valdes-Perez of Vivisimo is another major federated search company wizard on the list.

An introduction to Abe’s interview is here and the interview itself is here.

The interview is a fun read and gives some good insights on how Abe gained the experience he has with federated search. Arnold asks some interesting questions about the future of federated search and about where the industry is headed. Also, I get credit for participating in a conversation with Abe that would eventually lead to the formation of Deep Web Technologies. Neat!

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