The SLA 2008 Conference is June 15-18 in Seattle. The program, which includes events, activities, and the exhibitors list, is here.

Oddly enough, federated search vendor participation is very slim. The only two vendors with booths are:

  • Deep Web Technologies: Booth #1123
  • Serials Solutions: Booth #1707

Aside from these two, there are a couple of exhibitors who partner with federated search vendors, but no participation beyond that.

I couldn’t find any presentations that, as far as I could tell, would be of particular interest to the federated search community, with one notable exception:

Monday, June 16
Building Global Bridges Across Science Databases

Speaking: Walter Warnick, PhD, U.S. Department of Energy;
Bonnie Carroll, Information International Associates, Inc.
Presented by: Government Information Division;
Environment & Resource Management Division

Any thoughts on why the federated search presence is so low?

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One Response to "SLA 2008 fast approaching: Where are the federated search vendors?"

  1. 1 Susan Braun
    June 5th, 2008 at 1:33 pm  

    That is really a pity! Granted Enterprise Search Summit was just a week or so ago, but that draws from a different community than SLA. I was really hoping to see more vendors and certainly more presentation on the enterprise/federated search topic at SLA. We are working toward an RFP for Enterprise Search.

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