MuseGlobal CEO Kate Noerr has launched a new blog: MUSEings. Noerr declares that, through the blog, she “muses on key trends in the content industry and how Muse’s federated content integration technology helps leading companies make the most of them.”

Noerr’s blog is off to a good start with an interesting first post, Content Federation and Muse: Finally the World Gets It. What most caught my attention was Noerr’s writing about how MuseGlobal’s integration technology allows for creation of feeds from a wide variety of content of different types. Readers of the Federated Search blog may see the power of this technology in light of my recent article, From content to content services, where I review a compelling article from John Blossom, President of Shore Communications, on just this subject. The blog is light on postings and I hope that will change.

On a more personal note, Abe tells me the story that at a networking event in Santa Fe some 7 or 8 years ago, he met Peter Noerr, MuseGlobal CTO and husband to Kate. Someone at the event asked both Abe and Peter what they did for a living and both gave the same answer — they ran federated search companies. What a coincidence to not only have two people in the same fairly small town be founders of federated search companies (technically, Abe’s first company was started in Los Alamos) but to have them both in the same room and not know about one another!

Peter Noerr posted a comment to this blog in response to a post I wrote in response to an earlier post about the recent OpenTranslators announcement. The comment is worth reading as it gives insight into how MuseGlobal fits into the federated search marketplace.

I’m delighted to have a new blog to follow and I wonder if this blog inspired Noerr to start hers. I believe there are other federated search vendor blogs but I’ve not made the effort to locate them. Tell me about yours and I’ll let my readers know about it.

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