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Author: Sol

I’ve made a couple of changes to the resource information in this blog:

1. Most notably, I created a vendor information page. That page contains information about commercial and non-commercial offerings in the federated search market. If your organization sells or provides open source federated search software or services you are welcome to submit your listing at no charge. Please follow the submission guidelines at the top of the search page. In particular, I’d like to have the current contact information for each vendor as I’m interested in engaging vendors in the effort to make demos publicly available.

Along the lines of publicly available demos, if you’re a potential customer of federated search and your vendor doesn’t have a public demo, whether or not it’s referenced from this blog, ask the vendor why and post a comment on the blog to let us all know the reason.

2. I’ve cleaned up the formatting of the resources page a little and have moved the short list of blogs to that page.

If you know of good freely available resources of interest to the federated search community please let me know about them and I’ll add them to the resources page. These would include papers, presentations, web-sites, and blogs.

Also, as there are some conferences coming up that have some relationship with federated search, I’ll be announcing those very soon on this blog and I will also start to list them in the resources page. Please let me know of relevant conferences.

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