As this blog gains traction I’ve been thinking about how to make sure that there are mechanisms for all vendors and providers of federated search products and services to participate in discussions and to gain visibility in the community. At the same time, I don’t want this blog to become filled with advertisements and marketing pieces for vendors.

A couple of steps I took a few days ago was to announce that I will be creating a vendor resources page and to kick off a campaign to encourage vendors to provide publicly available demo applications to facilitate comparison of federated search products. See One-stop access to multiple federated search applications for more information about those two items.

A third step is the creation of a new blog, The Federated Search Press Releases blog. This new blog is available to all providers of federated search products and services to make public announcements in the form of press releases. The new blog is referenced in this blog’s About page, it will be referenced periodically in blog posts here, and it will be promoted just as this blog is promoted. In other words, I expect there to be a healthy number of readers of the new announcement blog.

I encourage everyone to visit the new blog, to subscribe to it via RSS or email, to use it to create visibility for your press releases, and to tell your customers and colleagues about the new service. And, I invite you to leave a comment here with suggestions and feedback.

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