I’m putting out a standing invitation for anyone who attends any federated search (FS) conference, or an FS talk within any conference, to post their impressions and questions, either as a comment or as a guest post.

For example, next month (1/9/08) is the VALE Users’ / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Conference. The acronyms stand for Virtual Academic Library Environment / New Jersey (chapter of the) Association of College and Research Libraries / New Jersey Library Association College and University Section. Per the conference’s blog welcome post:

The conference program will focus on partnerships between libraries and faculty, student services, administrators, distance educators, students, community members and organizations, etc.

The conference agenda includes this presentation:

Federated Searching: An investigation into One Stop Search Service for Libraries, by Sharon Young of Rider University. This presentation will offer an overview of federated searching, including its technologies and implementation in academic libraries.

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