Samuel Dean has in his blog, Web Worker Daily, a post titled Need a Better Search Engine? Roll Your Own. He’s writing about a new web-site, Rollyo. Rollyo allows you to roll your own search engine, which they call a searchroll. The site defines a searchroll as:

“… a collection of the sites you trust and find useful. It’s a personal search engine you create to provide relevant results from a hand selected list of reliable sites.”


Dean’s blog post shares a little bit of his experience with Rollyo.

Rollyo lacks the ability to fill out search forms and search sources live so it’s not a federated search engine but it might be useful as a tool for aggregating some crawled and indexed content and using it as a source for a federated search engine.

I’ll have to review the site and report back on its pros and cons, and compare Rollyo to Google Custom Search Engine and to IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition .

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