Here are snippets from some articles I’ve tweeted in the last week:

Library Systems: Synthesise, Specialise, Mobilise

The business and service model is evolving from acquiring, cataloguing and circulating physical collections to synthesising, specialising and mobilising Web-based services. … The current generation of federated search systems, link resolvers, resource-sharing systems and electronic record management (ERM) systems are starting to address the new model; the approach, however, is somewhat piecemeal, driven by the identification of specific market opportunities.

AL Inside Scoop

Williams [,one of the presenters,] suggested that librarians are a shrinking market for publishers, who are moving toward individual customers. “End users are less fussy,” she said, noting that EBSCO underwrites NPR. Blyberg agreed but added that our front-end interfaces are advancing far beyond our back-end content, calling for better federated search.

Virtual Private Library and Deep Web (video)

99 percent of the trillions of pages on the Web are inaccessible to search engines. Learn how you can tap into this vast deep Web by using the innovative and cutting edge Virtual Private Library.

Top Technology Trends: July 2009

The genre of Discovery Interfaces has been an ongoing trend for the last few years. These interfaces aim to replace the traditional, stodgy OPAC with a modern interface, delivering library content through an interface more consistent with what patrons experience elsewhere on the Web. They offer visually appealing design, relevancy ranking, faceted navigation, and other standard Web navigation techniques. These products offer an attractive replacement for the online catalogs delivered with the ILS.

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