Paula Hane, Information Today, Inc.’s news bureau chief and editor of NewsBreaks, published a nice in-depth article about the acquisition of WebFeat by ProQuest. Aside from the ProQuest press release, Library Journal’s coverage of the story, and my own article, there hasn’t been tremendous coverage of the acquisition. Hane’s article adds some detail. Also, Carl Grant, President of CARE Affiliates, expresses his view of the acquisition in light of the OpenTranslators partnership that involves WebFeat, CARE, and Index Data.

Of particular interest, Hane reported the reactions of a number of people who were knowledgeable about the federated search industry, including Marshall Breeding, Frank Cervone, Cheryl LaGuardia, and myself. The four viewpoints (at the end of the article) of what the acquisition means for the industry are quite valuable.

Hane’s article also includes quotes and insights gained from conversations with WebFeat founder Todd Miller, Serials Solutions general manager Jane Burke, and ProQuest CEO Marty Kahn. This, plus Hanes in-depth knowledge of the sector is where the depth of the article comes from.

Of particular interest to customers, Hane identifies a document, Serials Solutions and WebFeat customer FAQ: some initial questions and answers. The document is a good starting place for customers of either vendor to explore what the acquisition means to their current deployments and to a future migration.

What information, views, questions,or concerns do you have regarding the acquisition?

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