Last month I posted about Education Institute’s upcoming “Federated Search: New Tools and Best Practices” web conference. The conference just happened and here is my review.

Cervone and Wisniewski covered quite a bit of material in the hour allocated for the web conference. Attendees received a 40 page slide show to follow along with during the presentation. The slides covered these subjects:

  • Very brief introduction to federated search
  • Screen shots of a number of federated search applications
  • Graphs showing upward trends in federated search use at the presenters’ universities
  • “The world is shrinking” - consolidation of vendors and offerings
  • Simplification of search interfaces
  • The landscape of federated search vendors past and present
  • Integration of content accessed from all sources
  • Open source offerings
  • Enhanced tools and features
  • OpenURL
  • Trends

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