Last month I gave away three copies of Christopher Cox’s book, Federated Search: Solution or Setback for Online Library Services, in exchange for reviews to be published on this blog. The books were kindly donated by Taylor & Francis.

Three volunteers stepped up and I have commitments to review these essays in the coming weeks:

  1. Build It (and Customize and Market It) and They Will Come
  2. Challenges for Federated Searching
  3. Integrating Library Services: A Proposal to Enable Federation of Information and User Services
  4. User Expectations in the Time of Google
  5. User Perceptions of MetaLib Combined Search
  6. Initiating the Learning Process
  7. Librarian Perspective on Teaching Metasearch and Federated Search Tech
  8. Developing the right RFP for selecting your federated search product
  9. Planning and implementing a Federated Searching System
  10. SRU, Open Data and the future of Metasearch

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Last December I wrote about a forthcoming book: Federated Search: Solution or Setback for Online Library Services. (Ignore the links in my earlier blog post; Haworth Press is now part of Taylor & Francis and many Haworth Press links no longer work.) The book is available now and, by courtesy of Taylor & Francis, I have three review copies to give away.

What I am going to do is to send copies of the book to the first three people who email me at the address in the blog’s About page and who commit to reviewing three or more chapters of the book for publication in this blog. I will acknowledge you as guest author and link to your blog or web-site if you like. The book is a compilation of articles so you don’t need to read the whole book to review several of the articles. Once you receive your book I will ask you to select several articles that you wish to review and I may ask you to change a selection or two as I will coordinate among the three reviewers to ideally have no overlap.

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