Last week, federated search vendor MuseGlobal announced that it had partnered with consulting firm Adhere Solutions to provide federated search for the Google Search Appliance. Dubbed the “All Access Connector,” MuseGlobal and Adhere have developed an extension to Google’s Search Appliance. The press release announcing the partnership lists a number of features:

  • Access to hundreds of millions of pages of content from over 5,400 sources, all through the Google interface.
  • Simple one-click entry to external sources with no additional log-in requirements through a powerful proxy server.
  • Non-stop and instantaneous, 24-hour content retrieval through automatic updates to connectors as changes take place to target sources.
  • A much lower cost than the manual acquisition and indexing of all desired sources.
  • Compliance with current authentication and security policies with a role-based search access model.
  • Pre-built and constantly monitored connectors that require no coding to implement.
  • Easy navigation of search results by source, subject, date and other meta-data categories.

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